Laboratory Technician I


전망: 43

갱신일: 22-09-2022

위치: 경기도 화성

범주: IT-소프트웨어 R & D

산업: Semiconductor Manufacturing

수평: Entry level

직업 종류: Full-time

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작업 내용

We’re not like most. We don’t just overcome obstacles – we don’t see them. Instead, we see the potential in every person, and every situation. We don’t wait for opportunity to appear – we create it. Meet ASM. A company that has been searching for people just like you.

Who is ASM?

ASM is a leading, global supplier of semiconductor wafer processing equipment. Our ambitious team is dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions to the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. We have over 2,600 employees based in 14 countries, including Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and United States. Together we work to develop Epitaxy, ALD, PEALD, Vertical Furnaces and PECVD thin-film deposition technologies for our customers. Our goal is to remain an industry leader by being ahead of what’s next. We accomplish this by focusing on finding collaborative solutions to make integrated circuits, or chips, smaller, faster and even more powerful.

ASM, an inclusive workplace

We at ASM are a truly global organization that works diligently with an open-mind in all areas of our business. We strive for a culture and work style that fosters trust and transparency. We put our people first, and that is how we will continue to succeed. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We recognize and value the differences between individuals, including gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, knowledge and experience, work background, age, skills, amongst others. Recruiting and developing a diverse workforce provides a wide range of perspectives. This enables a culture of continuously exploring and adopting new technological ideas and innovations, and it also enables us to deliver excellent products and service to our clients.

  • R&D 측정도구 및 장비 운영 통한 특성 파악 등
  • 데이터 수집, 정제 및 유관부서 공유
  • 공정개발 업무 지원
  • 장비 예방정비 및 유지 보수 관리
  • 실험실 관리 (6S)

  • 학력: 고교졸업 ~ 전문학사
  • 경력: 2년 이상 (연구소/품질/생산 관련경력)
  • 자격:
  • R&D Lab. 또는 반도체 관련 측정기 운영 경험자
  • 제조업 연구소/품질/생산 中 근무 경험자
  • 클린룸 근무 가능자 (방진복, 마스크 착용)
  • 심야교대근무 가능자
  • 우대: 영어 활용 능력 우수자

From the very start of the semiconductor industry to the present day, we’ve been technology leaders who have pioneered innovation and brought new processes into mainstream manufacturing. We are collaborating, creating, and delivering on our vision – a shared vision to drive innovation with new technologies and delivering excellence with dependable products. By doing this, we’ll create new possibilities for everyone to understand, create and share more of what they love.

Be part of our exciting future and join our team today!
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