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The key responsibilities for this role will include:
  • Del i vering pro j ect results on time
  • Corre c t use o f met h odo l og i es, tools and systems
  • Prote c tion of A kzoNo b el technologi e s
  • Maintains and p r omotes a safe wor k env i ro n ment , complies with sa f ety pol i cies and procedures . Fol l ows safe work pra c tices for per s onal a nd equipment safety, in b oth the labora t ory and in the f i eld. End results a r e ze r o or min i mum safety inci d ents and a clean, orderly working e n vi r onment
  • Conducts a significant leve l of f o r mulat i on o r technical wo r k (in the lab) as defined in the project pla n
  • Asks appropri a te question s to clarify requir e men t s, expectat i ons and cr i tical per f ormance parameters
  • Doc u me n ts (lab ) results, v i sits, etc. th r ough appropri a te re p orting system s, reports outcome to manager or peers
  • Is familiar with and applies releva n t exper i mental , develo p ment an d /o r analyt i ca l approaches and techniques

Typically 0 -1 years of r elevant exper i ence with B ache l or’s Deg r ee

Education level

Technical educationa l in re l evant f i eld, e.g. chem i stry, chemi c al techno l ogy, envi r onmental, maths , statisti c s, dat a scien c e etc. See al s o ‘Experien c e’.

Competenci e s
  • Business & Technical Communicat i on – N ot Applicab l e Prob l em So l ving – Suppo r t
  • Wor k Mana g ement – Support
  • Exper i mental Principle s & Design – Suppor t Applicable
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